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Friday, March 22: GREAT day on the road! The energy is high and we are spending quality time getting to konw each other as we drive South on I-5. Everyone is awesome!  The family "Your Mom" led our evening devotions and spoke of the parable "the problem with riches". This will help us focus as we get ready to help those less-fortunate that us.  Bryce is working on our new move.  I (Georgine) think it might be called "The Nexgzit".  We'll see!  And I am still trying to figure out what these folks were looking for in the sky!  Night-night!

Saturday, March 23rd:  On the road again and on our way to In and Out Burger!! 

Enjoying our burgers and fries in the warm sun in Kettleman!

Sunday, March 24th (Happy Birthday Georgine!!);  Quiet morning at Clairemont Covenant Church in San Diego as we wait for the Palm Sunday worship service.  Then we are off to Amor to cross the border at noon!!  YAHOO!!!!

Sunday evening, March 24th:  We crossed the border around 1:30 with no trouble at all. On a beautiful, clear, and sunny 70 degree day in Tecate, the youth did an AWESOME job setting up camp in our very, very, very, very cozy space.  This is good because it means that there are a lot of groups here to build houses with Amor and we will get to know our neighbors very well. We are all eagerly awaiting our sure-to-be yummy spaghetti dinner, and I am confident everyone will sleep well to be ready for concrete day on Monday.  Peace out!

Monday, March 25th:  Today was concrete day. It was a long, hard day of working and the YAHOOers did amazing! The veteran site supervisors Chris Park and Benjamin Stein have two level sites that are for a standard house. Crazy and unheard of!  John's is up the road and Zach's is down the road. In my eight years, this is the first time the four houses are not within walking distance. Everyone did a great job today and four beautiful concrete slabs were poured.

Tuesday, March 26th (pics to follow when they actually come through!): Tuesday involves a lot of sawing and hammering. A LOT of sawing and hammering. And by the end of the day the four slabs started looking like houses. We came "home" to yummy soups and chocolate pudding. This evening we were blessed to have Pastor Ezekiel and his asst Danny who spoke and gave their testimonies. They work for Amor and help select the families for whom we build. It's a cold evening with a beautiful moon lighting up the sky. Remember to be "Amor" loving person. Vaya con Dios!

Wednesday, March 27th update from Georgine: Wednesday is chicken wire day but it should be called hammer time. We hammer smooth wire then tar paper and then chicken wire. Meanwhile on the Roof they hammer plywood then tar paper then roofing paper. So everyone and I mean everyOne is hammering. Zach also got a coat of stucco on and Ben started. Tonight will be gourmet hamburgers thanks to Chef Steve and Laura. Tonight's devotions will include communion and washing of our feet because its Maundy Thursday somewhere. I wish I could send pictures but my signal is just not strong enough. Everyone is still doing awesome and modeling what it means to "be amor loving person. "


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