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 FBC's work with the community of La Pimienta, Nicaragua is in the news.
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Friday, March 23rd:  "Here in Nicaragua ! It is so hot and dry! I have seen some cool looking birds, possibly a Mot-mot and possibly a great Kiskedee or fly catcher!" (Emily Kerrigan)

Saturday, March 24th:  "Great day with Amos training. Fun afternoon at the Maysara market and the Volcano. Dinner with the Parajon's discussing all the new and exciting developments going on with Amos!" (Emily Kerrigan)

"In Managua. Beautiful night with a wonderful breeze. Preparing with the team to leave for La Pimienta soon. We'll be conducting health screenings, checking water purification filters and working with chronically ill people who have no access to healthcare. We have an amazing team of students!"   (David Hallett)
Thursday, March 29th:  According to Emily Kerrigan, our team is "Back in Managua!" 

 La Pimienta, Nicaragua

  The report below is from Drs. David and Laura Parajon about the amazing things that are happening in the community of La Pimienta, Nicaragua. You will find a link to download the entire report at the bottom of the report.









LATEST NEWS FROM DAVID HALLETT, currently in Nicaragua with a group of 14 Chemeketa Community College Students for a Spring Break Mission Trip:

ˇ         David Hallett, on Saturday March 19th, via Facebook:





Managua, Nicaragua: 90 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze - just perfect! The students from Chemeketa are fantastic! We will head out to the rural communities on Monday to perform basic healthcare screenings on children - anemia testing, vision checks, height, weight etc. Should be a great week!





ˇ         David Hallett, on Tuesday, March 22nd, via Facebook:


Two days in the field and the Chemeketa team has served over one hundred Nicaraguan children. 50% of the children in Cumaica Norte are suffering from anemia. Today we hiked to El Roblar and heard howler monkeys all along the trail. Very cool! I am so impressed with our students! They are working very hard. Muy bueno! I will try to post more updates soon. The internet is not very reliable where we are now.


David Hallett, on Thursday, March 24th at 4:30 p.m. via Facebook:
Just got back into Managua. What a trip! The Chemeketa delegation saw over 200 children during the 4 days of health clinics. We met some amazing families and hiked into some very difficult, mountainous areas. No broken bones and plenty of excitement. Thanks everyone!



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Click on the link below to download the full letter from David and Laura Parajon about  the water project in La Pimienta sponsored by A.M.O.S. and First Baptist Church, McMinnville.


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