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Barbara Curtis, Children and Youth Minister

Welcome to the Children & Youth Ministry of FBC!

At FBC, we welcome all kids & youth, and their families, to creatively and compassionately experience God's joy, hope, and love. We do this through listening to our diverse voices, connecting with others, building relationships, and cultivating social justice in order to make a Christ-like difference in our families, church, community, and world.

The safety of our kids and youth  is of the utmost of importance to us. All staff and volunteers working with our children undergo an interview and screening process which includes a national background check. At all times within our ministry, we adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Safe Church Policy that was established at FBC in 2004. The Safe Church committee meets regularly to review, update, and enhance our Safe Church Policy to insure that First Baptist Church is a safe place for our children and youth, as well as all who attend and serve here. If you would like to see a copy of our Safe Church Policy, please contact the church office .

In addition to safety, we place high value on the following things as well:

FUN! - The Kingdom of God is a party, and we want our young people to experience the FUN of being a part of that Kingdom!

RELEVANCE – God, Jesus, The Spirit, Scripture, and our faith should be relevant and applicable to our own lives, and the lives of the world around us. We work hard here to make sure that our kids & youth can connect their faith to their lives.

CREATIVITY – God is creative, and if we believe that we are created in God’s image, then that makes us creative as well!

SERVICE – Faith in Jesus means faith in action! We need to take that faith "on the road" and "outside of our doors". We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ – when we learn that as a child, or as a teen, it will stick with us as we grow.


It is our belief that one of the greatest resources we have at FBC are the children and youth of our church.  They bring creativity, wisdom, energy, and service to the life of our church family as well as to the wider world.  Here at FBC, we offer a rich variety of programs and ministries intended to help young people grow in the walk with God through Christ.  Children, youth, and adults work collaboratively to create and implement meaningful ministries.  Wherever your interests lie, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about becoming involved in the lives, and the ministries, of our children and youth.  Please contact our Children and Youth Minister for more information.

SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL ~ Splish Splash Bible Bash

For all children ages 3 years through 5th grade (completed).   

Children are dismissed together to Splish Splash Bible Bash from our 10:00 worship service after the "Children's Story on the Steps".  Summer Sunday School is led primarily by our Children and Youth Minister, our middle school and high school youth, and key adult volunteers.  Each week is similar to a "mini-VBS" with music, stories, games, crafts, activities, and a snack, all based upon some of the great "water stories" in our Bible!  Through these stories, children (and our youth helpers!) will learn the relevant and applicable Scriptural truths that can guide and direct their lives, choices, values, and decisions today and into the future. 



Children's Story on the Steps:  Each Sunday the children participate in a "Story on the Steps" with Pastor Mike or with Barbara.  While designed to be appropriate and applicable to our youngest folks, everyone present always gets something from this special time in worship. After the "Story on the Steps", the children are dismissed to our Summer Sunday School, Splish Splash Bible Bash!

Worship led by Youth:  On the second Sunday of the month, the youth help lead the  Worship service for "Youth Sunday". It can include anything from reading Scripture, playing a musical piece to performing a skit to help give the message for the day. The participation of, and leadership by, our youth is always appreciated by our congregation.

Worship led by Kids and Families:  On the fourth Sunday of each month, our elementary-aged children, and their families, help lead in worship by reading Scripture and leading our Gathering Prayer and Lord's Prayer.  Not only do our children learn valuable leadership and public speaking skills, but our church members and friends always love seeing the children participate. 

Y.A.H.O.O. Mexico Mission:  Each year during Spring break high school youth go on a mission trip to Mexico where they work cooperatively with adults and youth from other churches from the Yamhill County to build houses for familes in need. Click here to read more about the  Y.A.H.O.O. Mexico Mission.
Summer Events:  A fun filled summer of events is always planned for the children, middle school youth, high school youth, and even alumni.   We have an exciting summer program each year with many grand adventures including overnight camps, Vacation Bible School, swim parties, BBQ's, and all sorts of fun family activities.

Children & Youth Ministry Teams:  These teams consist of youth and adults who have an interest in planning our ministries. This team works collaboratively with our Children and Youth Minister, Barbara Curtis, to set the course for our life together.  Visitors and new team members are always welcome. Check with Barbara for the next meeting dates!